Wednesday, September 30, 2009

BALLAD by M. Stiefvater Contest!

Jess is an awesome chick. She and I met up at the Book Expo this past spring in NYC. Jess reviews books on her blog

In honor of the upcoming release of BALLAD: A GATHERING OF FEY by Maggie Stiefvater(Oct. 1st), Jess is hosting a cool (and easy to enter) contest on her blog! Check it out!


  1. Sorry to be off-topic. Your comment on Nathan's blog yesterday made more sense than any of the 119 listed. Good job. I'm thankful to be finished parenting - a job that I took very seriously & a duty SHARED with my wife. Taking an interest pays dividends. Thanks. Dave

  2. Hi, Dave! This blog is shared by my three critique partners and I. I assume you are referring to Kristi's post. I'll paste it here for anyone reading! Kristi is a great gal and I couldn't agree with her more on the subject of censorship. Thanks for checking us out, Dave.

    "It's my job as a parent to censor what MY children watch and read. I'll say again what I've said before - it's a slippery slope when you give your power away to another entity and think they'll do a better job of deciding what's appropriate. Every child is unique and has different needs.

    What I've seen happen over and over again is someone shortening "what's right for their family" to just "what's right" and then trying to impose those beliefs on others - which often brings politics and religion into the discussion. I don't feel enough parents out there are focusing on parenting their own children - but that could be a byproduct of the number of kids I've seen in therapy. It's an easy out to let someone else decide what your children can read."

  3. Thanks Dave - I can't imagine the day when I'll be finished parenting...miles to go before I sleep. :)

  4. Thanks for posting my contest L.J.! :)


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