Friday, January 29, 2010


This past week, we've received a few blog awards and rather than make a post for each, we've decided to put them all together.

First, we've received the Happiness Award from:
Darina at, a totally cool girl from Bulgaria

Rules: List ten things that make you happy and pass the award along!

Ten things that make Lacey Happy:
Accomplishing a writing goal
Acceptance letters :)
Coffee on cold mornings
Watching movies with Husband
Hanging with friends
Visiting family
Surprises (good ones)

Ten things that make Valerie happy:

Good books.
Filming a project.
My pets.
Going out for breakfast.
When someone likes something I wrote.
Achieving a goal.

Ten things that make Kristi happy:
playing with the kidlets and pups
date nights with hubby
new slow-cooker recipes - I'm wild like that
girls' night out at the movies
Disneyworld - seriously, it's my favorite place
reading on the couch with cheese, crackers, and a glass of vino
a good cup of coffee
hiking in the mountains

We would like to give the happiness award award to:
Author Carrie Harris at
Author Kiersten White at

We also collected the Honest Scrap Award from:
Pamela at She's a fellow YA writer

Rules: List ten honest things about yourself and pass it along!

Ten honest things about Lacey:

I am a big Elvis Presley fan
I grew up on a ranch with 13 horses
I ride a Harley
Sometimes it scares me
I like old things
I love vampires
I would rather stay at home by myself and read, than go out
I have a girl crush on Lorelei Gilmore
My husband tricked me in to eating sea urchin sushi once, and I nearly vomited but I pretended to like it so not to give him satisfaction
I check my email at least 50 times a day

Ten honest things about Valerie:

I'm a dork.
I was a cheerleader and a flag corps/colorguard member.
I would rather read than do most things.
I drink WAY too much coffee.
I can say the alphabet backwards.
I don't like chocolate.
When I was little I wanted to be a magician.
I really really want to go to Amsterdam.
I still can't believe I actually finished writing a book.
I love anything to do with time travel.

Ten honest things about Kristi:
I might have a slight chocolate addiction.
My idea of a perfect date night involves Netflix and wine.
My 5-yo son beats me on every Wii game we play -- I can't ski jump to save my life.
My hubby even beats me in Wii figure skating.
My 5-yo watching daddy sing the National Anthem on the JumboTron at a Colorado. Rockies game was one of my favorite nights ever.
I'm NOT a morning person -- some might even call me 'cranky'.
My kids get up between 5:30-6am every day -- clearly, they didn't get the memo.
One of the many reasons I love hubby is he often leaves me a cup of coffee on the bathroom counter before he leaves each day, knowing I'll need it upon waking.
I'm a major introvert who can present like an extrovert when necessary.
I'd rather be home with my family than anywhere else in the world.

We would like to give the happiness award award to:



  1. I think it's kinda funny that Valerie doesn't like chocolate, and Kristi is a chocoholic.

    Valerie, I still can't believe I've written a book either. Short story was even hard to believe.

    Kristi, I LOVE that your hubby leaves you coffee on the bathroom sink! And you #9, that is so me.

  2. LOL love your answers!

    I wish my hubby made me coffee every morning, but then again my little boy sleeps in till around 8.30 every morning, so can't complain too much!

  3. Valerie - I was a cheerleader too! I went to Amsterdam and it was um, interesting.

    Lacey - I love reading anything with vampires in it, I just don't write about them.

  4. Aw, thanks for the award, ladies! Glad you're happy : )

  5. Woot! Now I'm happy too! Mucho thanks!

  6. YAY! What a happy surprise! Thanks for the award, and thanks for putting me in the company of such awesome ladies.

    btw . . . I have a girl crush on Lorelei Gilmore, I'm a dork, and my idea of a perfect date night involves Netflix and wine! :)

  7. LOL--This was a cool idea, ladies. Although late to the party, I've added my response over at my blog. :-)

  8. Lol, Stephanie! Who wouldn't have a crush on Lorelei?

    Thanks, Shannon. Better late than never, right? :)


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