Monday, February 8, 2010

Writing Income and New Young Adult Writing Contest

As I've discussed before, I'm all about baby steps when in comes to writing. This week marked another teeny step along the path of my writing journey. In the mail this week, I received my very first check for my writing. Okay, my day job involves tons of writing (psychological evaluations) and pays really well but it's not the same as creative writing -- although you couldn't fabricate stories any stranger than some I've heard the past ten years. At any rate, I got a check for a whopping $3.93 -- yes, I put the decimal point in the correct place. My check from my day job also came this week and was much higher, yet I wasn't nearly as excited about it.

How Far $3.93 Can Go
$3.93 might not buy a lot. In fact, it might not buy me anything because my hubby is trying to convince me to frame it and put it on the wall! Note: this check has nothing to do with my novel writing -- it was for writing a creative ad for an online site that apparently had to be clicked eight gazillion times to earn that $3.93 but's a step in the direction I want to go. So, while anyone out there who has earned money for their writing has earned more than I have, I feel like a rich woman indeed this week.

Other baby steps for the week: STILL REVISING! 70 pages to go but received flat-out amazing compliments from my lovely Critiquers. One comment kept me smiling all week -- I'm even filing it away in case my book never finds an agent/sells. I'll think "At least a published author thinks 'xxx.'" Yeah, it's been a good week. I know one of my Sisters has had an incredible week as well and I'm super excited for her!

What about you? What are your baby steps for the week?

The Guide to Literary Agents is hosting a great contest that's open until the 21st of Feb. for those with completed Middle Grade or Young Adult manuscripts. The wonderful Jennifer Laughran from the Andrea Brown Agency is the judge and you can win a 25-page critique! Check out contest rules and details here.

Why are you still reading? Go enter this contest - NOW!


  1. Congrats, Kristi! I would frame it too, if I were you.

    You already know my baby step :) but I'll share. I entered the Teenfire contest at yalitcha.ning and I got a great response from Georgia McBride on my first 250 words! My entry was forwarded to the Source books editors (they published Bran Hambrick). If the editors like it, I advance to the second round and I can have my work read by them and literary agent, Regina Brooks.
    It's not a deal or an offer for representation, but someone besides my family, beta readers and the Sisters had something nice to say about my work, all be it only 250 words of it. Hooray for baby steps!

  2. Congrats on the check Kristi! How exciting and validating!

    I'm glad to hear the revisions are coming along well too!

  3. Lacey - that's so awesome!

    Val - I LOVE your NaNo project and can't wait to read more! :)

  4. im not doing much this week :( maybe next week.

  5. Shelli - I read your blog daily. I can't believe how much you've done for your blog readers this week with all those amazing links!

  6. Congratulations Kristi! I look forward to hearing about your future accomplishments as a writer, so keep 'em coming. :)

  7. Thanks Jenny - hopefully the accomplishments will be more exciting in the future!

  8. Hey, don't scoff at that $3.93! I'm with the DH, I'd frame it.

    Baby steps: I'm taking a break from my MS. Even though I *want* to work on it, we need some space. :)

  9. Elana - I think breaks are important. After this round of revisions, I'm doing that before I figure out my next step!

  10. I would totally frame it. How exciting!

  11. L & L: Yeah, I think I'm leaning that way now. :)


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