Monday, May 10, 2010

Doing the Write Thing for Nashville and Contest Monday

If you haven't yet heard about the amazing auction going on to benefit the brave people of Nashville, please go check out Do the Write Thing for Nashville. There are some amazing things being auctioned off including critiques, signed books and phone calls with agents. I can't even imagine what the people living there have gone through, so even if you can't bid on something, send some positive thoughts their way.

Along those lines, there is only one week left to enter our Sisters in Scribe contest for a signed copy of Melissa Marr's Radiant Shadows. We already have a bunch of entries, but I will donate $1 for every entry we get by the deadline (5/17) toward disaster relief in Nashville. I'll announce the winner next Monday, along w/ the total number of entries. Have a fabulous week!


  1. Yay, Kristi!!!! So many AWESOME things being auctioned over there for writers AND readers!

    C'mon y'all! Break Kristi's bank! :-)

  2. Awesome idea Kristi! I just won the auction to have Brian Farrey from Flux read and critque 50 pages and a phone call to talk about it!

    And I donated a signed copy of Thirteen Reasons Why.

  3. I actually bid on stuff today! I doubt I'll win, but all the better if the price gets driven up. And if I do? Yay!

  4. Valerie - that's awesome you won the critique. I got outbid on everything!

    Lacey - hopefully I won't have to raid my kid's piggy bank!

  5. Lisa - I hope you win. Let us know!


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