Thursday, January 27, 2011


I finished reading LINGER by Maggie Stiefvater last night, and if you haven't read it you MUST! Immediately. Not only is the story hauntingly beautiful, so is the book jacket. Shiver had a gorgeous cover (with blue text inside!) and Linger is equally beautiful (with green text inside!), and those two covers got me thinking about how I choose a book to read.

I am guilty of judging a book by it's cover. Don't give me that look, so are you. It doesn't mean I won't read a book with a less attractive cover design, but I am more likely to pick it up if it's appealing to me. For example, THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE--sorry, Jandy! That cover did absolutely nothing for me. I wasn't even sure it was a YA book. But an author friend recommended it and she's never suggested a book I didn't like, so I gave it a try. It's such a great book!  I highly recommend it.

Second confession, I am more apt to pick up a book written in first person rather than third. This is my personal preference. I used to dislike books written in present tense, but I've read so many great books in first person present, and now my own WIP is written as such. I will read books in third, but when I'm browsing my bookshelves, or the shelves in the store, I'll usually skip over a book in third and read something in first, first.  There are a lot of great books in third person, and sometimes the story calls for it, but I personally like to be inside the head of the MC(s).

Third, and final, confession: I love a good series. Most of the books I purchase have at least two in the series. There are some amazing stand-alone books (that I wish were series!), but my favorites have all been series--Vampire Academy, The Southern Vampire Mysteries(True Blood), The Forest of Hands and Teeth (although those books have different characters, they are set in the same world), Shiver, Nightshade, Matched, Delirium (though I have yet to read book 2 on those last three), The Hunger Games, If I Stay. And there are many more I haven't read yet but I'm sure to love--The Mortal Instruments, Wicked Lovely, Shade, 13 To Life, and lots more that have yet to be released!

This are my bookish confessions, and now I'm curious about yours. Do you like longer novels, or a quick easy read? Are all your favorite covers blue? Do you prefer debut authors or known favorites? That's a tough one, isn't it?

Happy Thursday.


  1. I love a good series, as well. But these days, I'm more willing to pick up a single title because of money (and I don't want to be hooked and have to wait a whole year for the next one). And how could you NOT love Maggie Stiefvater's books with covers like those and writing like she writes?! SO GOOD! Glad you enjoyed them :)

  2. I love series too, and really need to get The Mortal Instruments, but I hate the wait for the next book. For instance, I want to read the sequels to Nightshade and Matched NOW!

    I like 3rd and 1st POV about equally well, but it depends on the story.

  3. I judge books by their covers all the time. I understand what you meant with the cover of the Sky is Everywhere. For me, I watched the book trailer the day I brought the book home from the the library and thought, 'meh?' Yes, there was confusion in that disinterest. However, the book turned out to be my favourite read of last year and I'd only decided to pick it up on a whim because I'd heard of it recently and recognized the cover and premise.

    When it comes to series, I tilt my head to the side and wonder. I do love a good series but there have been so many times when I've read a good first book and felt such a let down in the sequel. I suppose the sequel really is a test as to whether the series is going to be exciting all the way through or if the author just can't sustain the appeal.

    When it comes to first or third person, I can't say I fuss. I think that when it is written in first person, it is easier to get sucked into the novel straight away (as long as the writing is good) so that's a definite plus.

    Ever since I entered into the land of blogging, I've been reading a lot more debut authors and I am keen to discover more because they come with the promise of great potential. I love it when I read a debut author (or just an author for the first time) and I am in love with the book. I yearn for more and anticipate the quality of the next book.

    When it comes to the length of novels, it really depends. Do I sometimes coil back from the thick novels? Sure. It's silly because if a book is interesting and well written, that just means that there is more of it to enjoy. I have grabbed smaller books when I didn't know what the contents would be like, only to suffer through it so slowly. Just because a book is small - tiny, even - doesn't mean that it won't take you ages to read.

    Great post! You can see how drawn in by it all I am. ♥

  4. Ooh - just a quick add: the UK cover for The Sky is Everywhere is even less appealing, until you see the book in the flesh and it's all fabric and soft and bound by elastic and the title is indented and the notes all the way through the inside are in colour. *swoon*

  5. KM, I've heard that form a lot of people. The wait is terrible! Maggie is an awesome person. :-) We love her.

    Kristi, I started to read the first MI, and couldn't get in to it, but everyone has told me it starts off slow but it gets really good. And I've heard it gets even better as the series progresses. I want the sequels now too! And The Dark and Hollow Places needs to be in my hands immediately, lol!

    Keri, I've seen the illustrations in the UK version (I think Valerie has it?)! It's sooooo pretty! It was one of my favorites also. it's such a beautifully written book. I can't wait to read more form her.
    As for series, I've been let down by one of my favorite series with the last few books, but I've been in love with those characters and that world for so long, I have to keep reading.
    The same goes with television series, for that matter. I can't stop watching Sam and Dean no matter how much I dislike the whole angel aspect of the show!

  6. I'll read any POV or tense, though I do kind of avoid omniscient now. And I love covers (did you see HOURGLASS cover reveal yesterday?) But now with the Kindle not as much. I also gravitate toward books with more original premises - especially within paranormal and fantasy.

  7. I'll read any tense too, but I gravitate toward first person more. Valerie actually mentioned Myra's cover reveal so I went and checked it out and it's AWESOME! *Squee*

  8. You know I'm shallow when it comes to covers. Not that I won't read one with a cover I find less than appealing, but I probably won't buy it, and it will be low on my tbr stack. I can't help it! (Although strangely I'm okay wiht ugly library books. I guess I'm used to older books from there with drab covers.) And I'm like you that 3rd person books are not my fave and I tend to push them down in the pile too.

    You and Kristi should both read The Mortal Instruments! The trilogy is actually complete. I believe the one coming out this year is more of a companion in that it focuses on one of the not as major characters from the trilogy, so you're safe! And they really do just keep getting better and better. I'm not a big fan of 3rd person but I really liked these.


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