Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Overall, I find that movies rarely live up to the book *glares at Twilight*, though I loved the cinematic version of The Help. Along with most everyone else, I devoured THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy by Suzanne Collins and couldn't wait for the movie. I saw it last night with my nephew (who also loved the trilogy) and my sister-in-law (who didn't read the books and was hesitant about a story filled with teens killing each other.)

Did the movie live up to the hype? I thought the movie rocked. The casting was great--Katniss and Peeta were perfect, and Rue couldn't have been more adorable. And Lenny Kravitz as Cinna? One word: yum. Of course, a movie can't capture all the nuances of character and setting the way a book can (I wanted more of Haymitch in the movie), so if you haven't read the book, I highly recommend reading it before going to the movie. My nephew gave it a huge thumbs up as well. As for my non-YA reading sister-in-law, she was surprised by how much she liked it and said there wasn't nearly as much graphic killing as she thought there would be. We also voted on the method of death we would least prefer and "the evil mechanical dogs" was the unanimous winner.

Have you seen THE HUNGER GAMES yet? What did you think?

Also, just a quick note that we'll be posting a little less frequently here (once or twice a week) due to general life craziness. Hope everyone has a great Spring Break!


  1. Glad to hear someone who hadn't read the book still liked the movie...I've read a few complaints that it's hard to follow if you haven't read.

  2. Jennifer--I would agree with that. My sister-in-law asked me questions after the movie about the motivations of certain characters and about the events. It's so hard for a movie to provide all of the backstory that a book does.

  3. I saw it twice opening weekend! Loved it but had a few quibbles. I detailed it in a blog post but mostly I felt some parts were rushed and could've used relationship development.

  4. I haven't seen it yet but definitely want to, especially after reading your review! My son went some college friends to see the midnight showing. He gave it a thumbs-up, too.


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