Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reading Day

It's a cloudy, muggy day, and I haven't spent an afternoon just laying around and reading in months, so I'm declaring today a reading day. I have SO MANY awesome books I've been dying to read just waiting for me to pick them up. The hard part will be deciding which one. Here's just a few that are calling me:

What about you? What are you reading - or wishing you could take the time to read - today?


  1. Ooh, pretty. I just read DIVERGENT a few weeks ago. It was great.

    But unfortunately I can't read today. Or tomorrow, or probably many other days until September. But I am not complaining because I am enjoying the outdoors and my tiny humans. :)

    Happy reading!

  2. I have all of these books too! I've read Divergent and it was really good. :)

    I get to read quite a bit now. I express breastmilk at work so that gives me at least 20-30 minutes (total) of reading time. :)

  3. Ooo! I want to read all those, too. Maybe I can actually read when my revisions are! My TBR list is humongous. :o)

  4. These are all on my list to read. The covers are great! At the moment I'm catching up on books that have been on my list FOREVER but I just now got around to getting them. I'm almost done with Hush, Hush, and although I've got Crescendo I think I'll skip over to read Shiver first. I've also got Linger, Nightshade should be arriving soon (don't know why it's taking so long), and then I've got Wings and Spells from Aprilynne Pike. So many more on my list but a girl's only got so much money, right?


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