Thursday, October 20, 2011

I *Heart* School.

My Tiny Human started school in September this year. She and I went from being together 24/7 for all four years of her life, to being apart for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. Now. This is where I could tell you that I cried the day I dropped her off and I've missed her and she had terrible separation anxiety. But I'd be lying.

It is GREAT! She loves school, her teacher is fantastic, and I have 6 hours to exercise, write, read, whatever I need to do. I told myself that my revisions would be done so fast and my house would never be cleaner, but yeah, that hasn't really happened. Still, this extra quiet time has done wonders for my mental health (and physical health, since I've had time to exercise).

But the downside to having school aged children, is remembering all the special dates. Good golly. And I volunteer for things, so I need to remember those dates, times and places as well. Oy!

I've been asked to come in and do a school visit next week with her class and talk about writing, so I will definitely let you know how that goes!

Anybody else with Tiny Humans that started school this year? how are you spending that time? Writing, I hope!


  1. Woo!! So, so awesome! I'm jealous. My last tiny human is sitting beside me as I type this, shoving Cheerios up her nose and saying "Mommy, look how gross I am!!"

    This will probably continue as I try to work on my WIP this morning. HURRAY for headphones. And hurray that she'll be in kindergarten next year, so I can *heart* school, too! :)

  2. I still have a year to go before my tiny one hits Kindergarten (and I'm home-schooling her this year), but the time is already flying by and I'm trying to savor every moment of this year. I know I'll have way more writing time next year, but less tiny human time, so it's a tradeoff. Hope the writing (and exercising) go well! :)

  3. Marisa, that's too cute! Haha! M is in preschool this year. I got lucky that she got a spot (only 18 spots in this school). You will miss those mornings. As much as I love the alone time, I miss watching her do gross things. And for a while it was hard to write without hearing "Mommy, Mommy" over and over. Lol!

    Kristi, enjoy this last year! I'm loving the alone time, and I find it makes us spend more quality time after school. Instead of having a million things to do in addition to what she needs, I can focus just on her because I've gotten everything done in the morning. Yesterday we baked banana nut muffins together. :-)


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