Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Query Critiques for All

Week #3 Celebration: Let the festivities continue! To celebrate signing with my awesome agent, I've held a YA book giveaway and hosted a Q & A with Jessica (aka 'my awesome agent'). This week, I would like to pay it forward and help aspiring writers out there. I'm a query letter nerd--I used to love writing them and still love reading them (I know I'm weird), so I'm going to give a query critique to any and all who want one. Spread the word because I will only take queries through midnight tonight (12am ET). The turnaround time will depend on how many queries I receive, but I'm hoping to get back to everyone within a week.

Details for submitting the queries are on my brand new author blog here. I'll still be here at SIS, but will post writerly type stuff there as well. Thanks, and I can't wait to read your queries!

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