Sunday, July 11, 2010

From Me to You Award!

(This is way over due. Sorry!)

We received the "From me to you" award from Mia at! Thanks, Mia! The rules say that we must list seven truths about ourselves and pass the award to seven other blogs.

Seven Truths About Me: Lacey
1. I love the smell of horses
2. My second toe on my left foot is longer than my big toe
3. I once ate cat food on a dare
4. I think sushi tastes better when eaten with chopsticks
5. I shared ice cream with my dog when I was a kid
6. I won 1st place in a beauty pageant when I was 6 years old (I know, what happened?)
7. The fuzz on peaches makes my teeth itch

Seven Truths About Me: Valerie
1. I don't like chocolate.
2. I can say the alphabet backwards.
3. I drink too much coffee.
4. Lilacs are one of my favorite scents.
5. When I was little I wanted to be a magician.
6. My favorite color is green.
7. I was allergic to cats until I got a kitten.

Seven Truths About Me: Kristi
1. I could subsist entirely on chocolate and Diet Coke.
2. Growing up, I wanted to be either an NFL quarterback or a priest.
3. I love Colorado but really miss living a block from the ocean.
4. I'd rather nap than exercise.
5. I can't watch a movie in the theater without popcorn.
6.I'm allergic to dogs but still let them sleep in bed with me.
7. I think my kids are the most hilarious people I know.

We're giving this award to the following:
Lisa and Laura Roecker
Samantha Bennet
Lisa Green


  1. Thank you! Wow, I'm honored to be included with such great blogs. :) I'll have to work on my own 7 truths...

  2. Thanks so much for the award, lovely ladies!


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