Monday, July 26, 2010

Contest Monday

There are some cool contests out there this week! ARCs are in the air this week:

Carolina Valdez Miller is having a contest with some awesome ARCs, including Matched, Firelight, and Torment among others--they all look fabulous! Get the deets here -- contest ends Aug. 8th.

The Well-Read Wife is giving away two amazing grand prize packages (including books by Scott Westerfield and Maggie Stiefvater) as soon as she reaches 500 Twitter followers (last I checked, she was very, very close). Go read about the prizes and follow! Good luck--but I have to tell you that I really, really want to win this one.

21 Pages is having a major giveaway where you can win an ARC of books such as Clockwork Angel, Delirium, and Linger among others, so enter now! Deadline is Aug. 20th.

Candyland is hosting an awesome contest that will also help build a better world here that has some awesome prizes including ARCS, a critique and line edit by our sister Valerie, and a webinar with literary agent Natalie Fischer! Contest Ends July 31st.

Sara McClung is giving away seven awesome ARCs (Firelight, Paranormalcy, The Replacement to name a few) in her Summer Saradise 7 contest! Contest ends August 5th.

As always, feel free to post contests I missed in the comments section below. Happy Monday!!!!


  1. Mine again! Last week to enter the chance to win agent/author critiques, a webinar, conference call, books, gift cards etc!

  2. Thanks for the updates Kristi, but Candace is right, she's got a great one too!

  3. Yay for awesome contests! Thanks for the round-up. Happy Monday :)

  4. Thanks guys--I listed Candyland's last week but didn't realize it was still going on. I'll add it to the post! :)

    Adventures in Children's Publishing--you're welcome!

  5. Thanks for the contest updates Kristi, off to check them out now. :)


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