Monday, July 19, 2010

Contest Monday without Contests

Either I'm really distracted by the fact that my family is in town and my hubby is off this week or else there really aren't any contests going on right now. Can that be? There has to be some book-related contest going on somewhere in the blogosphere that I just don't know about, so if you know about it...share the knowledge and post it in the comments below. I swear I'll find one for you next week, even if I have to make it up myself.  :)

UPDATE: There is a contest!!! Candyland is hosting an awesome contest here that has some awesome prizes including ARCS, a critique and line edit by our sister Valerie, and a webinar with literary agent Natalie Fischer!

Also it's not a contest but Valerie was interviewed over at We Do Write! Read her interview here!

In the meantime here's a fun little link to boost your self-esteem. I Write Like lets you plug in an excerpt from your novel and it shoots out the name of a famous author whom you supposedly write like. Take it with a grain of salt because, like I said, they're all famous. According to their magic formula, I write like Douglas Adams. Did you try it? What author do you write like?

Happy Monday!


  1. There was an interesting discussion about this in the comments of Nathan Bransfords blog post last Friday. Apparently there are only 40 authors for it to pick from so it's pretty hard to argue that it's accurate - but you can't deny how fun it is!

  2. My contest! Mine! Mine! There's ARCs,critiques, agent webinars-a TON of prizes for writers AND non-writers!!!

  3. Candyland-sorry I missed that. Everyone go check it out!!!!

  4. Ha! You posted the I WRITE LIKE! I got Stephen King when I put in part of GREYSKIN.

    Yay! For another Sister on We Do Write!

    And awesome contest, Candyland!!!!

  5. At my blog I'm having, well, more of a giveaway than a contest, for Jenny Han's THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY, IT'S NOT SUMMER WITHOUT YOU, & SHUG.

  6. I write like a bunch of people and they're all blokes. I write like a dude! XD

    Also, a couple of contests I found which are international and therefore quintessentially rock:


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