Monday, April 26, 2010

Contest Monday and Melissa Marr

Upcoming Sisters in Scribe Giveaway:
First off, Melissa Marr rocks! Seriously. I went to her book signing at the coolest bookstore in Denver, The Tattered Cover, and listened to her speak about her books and writing journey -- and Vince Vaughn. NOTE: Anyone who talks about Vince Vaughn has my attention - I love hilarious people - and he's producing her Wicked Lovely MOVIE! The best part is that when she was told he wanted to produce it, her response was "Who the f*$k is Vince Vaughn?" Anyway, I digress. She's cool, smart, gracious, and funny which is my favorite kind of person. So, next Monday (5/3), I'm giving away SIGNED copies of her amazing Wicked Lovely series. Yes, the ENTIRE series. Her newest book, Radiant Shadows, will be given away here and her first three will be given away on my other blog, so enter both for the chance for all 4. I also have Wicked Lovely bookmarks and wristbands that I'm giving away too - don't you just love swag?

Cool Contest of the Week:
Querytracker contest with Chris Richman of Upstart Crow Literary. This is an awesome pitch contest for those of you who write MG and YA. It starts tomorrow (4/27) and there's no limit to the number of entries he's accepting within the specified times. This is great news for the technologically-challenged peeps out there (like a close 'friend' of mine), who maybe have been unable to enter contests in the past because the contest is full before they figure out how to navigate the system. Also, for pitch tips, check out my prior post on The 2-Minute Pitch. Good luck!

I also believe there's a contest out there on Twitter having to do with the incredibly talented author, John Green. It sounds amazing for those of you who Tweet or Twit or whatever, unlike my close 'friend.' :) Until tomorrow...


  1. Cool news, looking forward to the contest, thanks for sharing Kristi.

  2. Melissa Marr is so fascinating! Can't wait for your contest :)

  3. I read on her blog recently about Vince Vaughn doing the movies! Can't wait!

  4. Hmm... I love Vince Vaughn, but he seems like a strange combination for Wicked Lovely, even as a producer! Still the movie should be cool. I know she's really happy with how the script turned out.

  5. Yeah, I'm curious to see who the cast will be but she's keeping that top secret for now! :)

  6. Valerie - apparently he's Irish and recently did a documentary in Ireland, so he loved Melissa's concept and wanted to keep the movie true to the book (it's being put out by Universal). She actually got to approve the script and had a ton of input on it, which is amazing!


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