Monday, April 19, 2010

Contest Monday

Kristi has had a hectic week (with a double birthday for her and her son!) so I'm stepping in to post the Monday contest round-up.

I am still accepting entries for my signed BEAUTIFUL CREATURES book give-away on my blog.

And a new agent-judged contest for writers is coming up on Query Tracker Blog. You must be a follower of THAT blog to enter the contest.

The contest STARTS on Tuesday April 27th. We're telling you about it now so you have time to work on your entry-- a one line pitch of your YA/MG novel!

Entries will be judged by Chris Richman of the Upstart Crow Literary Agency.
There is no maximum number of entries. The contest will accept any entry submitted in the 24 hour period starting on April 27th!

A little about Chris Richman from the agency website:

More about Chris Richman

In his own words:

My love of books started at an early age. In the second grade I fell in love with the gross and wonderful works of Roald Dahl. On career day in third grade I carried a book and called myself an author. In the fourth grade I was sent to the principal’s office when the teacher discovered me reading Stephen King’s Pet Sematary in the back of the room.

After that first Stephen King book, I spent years reading books for adults until, in college, someone handed me the first Harry Potter and promised me it wasn’t just for kids. Within a handful of pages I was hooked.

Suddenly a new world opened up for me, a world full of wonderful books for children that I’d ignored since my own childhood. Here were books that appealed to adults, too. Lemony Snicket could take a weird old count and some orphans and make me laugh. Louis Sachar could take me to the desert so I could sweat along with the digging boys. Jerry Spinelli could introduce me to a kid everyone called Maniac and make me long for butterscotch krimpets.

It took a few years before I landed in children’s books. The opportunity to find the next big thing, the next work that will transport me to a Narnia or a Hogwarts or even to places that we’ve all visited, made it completely worth the wait. I want to work on books that inspire children like I once was inspired.

There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.


  1. I don't have a pitch. Or even a book. I just enjoy your blog =)
    Annnd...I just have to comment on how awesome Chris's mini autobio is, makes me want his job soooo bad!!!

  2. Chris does sound pretty awesome, doesn't he? It would be a pleasure to work with someone like him.

    Thanks for coming by and we're glad you like the blog. I'm a huge vampire fan. :)


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