Monday, July 25, 2011

Contest Monday!

It is Monday again already. How did this happen?! So you may have noticed I haven't blogged at all since last Monday, and I swear I have a good reason! We've had a major heat wave here in NY and because of this extreme heat, our power was down for nearly three days. No Internet. No TV. No lights or air conditioning. It was brutal. But I survived! And so did my family and my pets. There were no casualties, save for one fish that is unaccounted for. But I am blaming his disappearance on the monster belly of my growing catfish. *sigh*

And unfortunately I have no idea what is going on in the way of contests this week. Except this one:

Lisa and Laura Roecker have a fantastic contest going on in participation with Write On Con and The Reading Room. They're giving away $1,000 to one lucky winner, as well as your own author page on and the chance to have your work considered by a literary agent! So don't miss that. End Aug. 17th 2011. Details here.

Also, be sure to come back here in the next week or so. My Scribe Sisters and I have an extra special surprise for you guys! :D

Mr. Linky loves your contest links! Share them!


  1. Great contest! Pondering if I dare enter... I most likely will!

    I am doing a Give-Away on my blog right now... is this a place to list it? I see that Linky, and it is taunting me...

  2. Yes! We love links! Whatever you put in the name thing will be what the link says, so I'd say put whatever your giving away in the name slot. Share, share, share! :D And good luck with the contest!

  3. This NYC heatwave has been absolutely terrible.
    My brother showed me this:

  4. Lol, Riv! I'm glad for the cool weather we're having now.


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