Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Hiatus

We hope everyone had a fabulous 4th filled with fun, friends, and fireworks. I think I ate an entire plate of my friend's baked zucchini last night, so I've already exceeded my caloric intake for the week and it's only Tuesday. Anyway, we will be taking some brief breaks for the remainder of the summer, but will stagger them so the blog isn't empty...because we're cool like that.

Since my kiddos have less than a month before the school year starts, I'll be taking a break from now through the beginning of August, but I'll still post book recommendations (I'm reading an awesome one right now). Valerie is taking a break for a much cooler reason...she's going overseas for an entire month! She'll be out for the month of August, and will have some cool pics to post when she gets back. Lacey is still figuring out her schedule and will let you know about her break.

We'll all be back before you know it, and we hope you all have an amazing rest of your summer!


  1. But zucchini is healthy! ;) (can't wait for ours to grow, it takes awhile up here). Have a great rest of summer - school doesn't start until Sept. 1st for us.

  2. Mmmm, zucchini.
    School doesn't start up here til September 8th! :P Happy rest-of-summer, Kristi!

  3. Thanks ladies! And yes, zucchini is healthy but it had melted cheese on it too...so good though. :)

  4. Enjoy your break! I hope the rest of your summer is fabulous :)

  5. Baked zucchini sounds awesome!!!

  6. Enjoy your summer ladies! I love fried zucchini. It is such a weakness of mine!


  7. Trish and Heather--I think my overdose of zucchini is because it's the first year we haven't grown it in the garden. I thought we'd try different veggies this year, but I'm clearly missing the zucchini!


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