Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer Is Officially Over.

My Tiny Human started pre-k today!!!! Granted, it was only one hour, orientation for parents and students, but it was amazing. She was right at home, and because her school is around the corner from our home, I feel okay too.

So. Summer is over, and the publishing world is in high gear! My agency sister, Miranda Kenneally just announced her knew TWO BOOK deal! On top of the Dear Teen Me anthology! How awesome is that? So if you want, you know, go congratulate her. She rocks.

As for my scribe sisters and I, we are in full-on write mode! Kristi and I have now sent our tiny humans off to school and Valerie returned home from Amsterdam safe and sound. Unfortunately, I don't think she brought us pictures of pretty Dutch men. *sigh*

Hope y'all are having a productive week!


  1. I haven't sent mine anywhere because she begged me to homeschool her for pre-K! Next year will be a full-on write year for me, but this year is going to be tough. So jealous. :)

  2. That's right! I remember you saying that now. But she's only tiny for a little while. No need to rush. :)


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