Thursday, June 3, 2010

BEA and Other Ramblings

I have no idea what to write about so I think if I just ramble on, something will come to me. That's usually how my novel writing process goes. I am completely out of coffee so I can not be held accountable for whatever falls out of my mouth today.

As you may have heard from our previous posts, (and tweets and facebook statuses) Valerie and I attended BEA on Wednesday. And we're hoping that next year all three of us will be able to attend together! Unfortunately we weren't able to attend the panels at BEA, aside from the very inspiring author breakfast, hosted by Sarah Ferguson (yes that one). And I apparently live in a cave because I didn't know who she was until Valerie told me.

I posted a recap about BEA on my personal blog and I'm sure you can read more about it on Valerie's blog as well. All in all we had a great time and we met some of our favorite authors and people in the publishing industry, including Elizabeth Law of Egmont and Andrew Karre of Carolrhoda books.

If you ever get the chance to go, I highly suggest it. And best if you get a three day pass. We were kicking ourselves for only going on Wednesday.

One conclusion that can be drawn from Book Expo America, is that the industry is thriving even in our cruddy economic state. People still love books! And publishers are still producing quality literature. Makes me feel very optimistic about our futures as YA authors.

Did you attend BEA? Have anything you'd like to share about the future of the book industry?


  1. No, but I wish I did! Go to BEA that is. It sounds like it was fabulous from all the blog posts about it. I'm still looking forward to SCBWI LA though! I'm all signed up and ready to go!

  2. Awesome, Lisa! Be sure to blog about it. I've never been to any of the big SCBWI conferences.

  3. How can you be out of coffee? I'd be at the store buying some if I were you! I definitely would love to attend BEA next year, and would really love to go the summer SCBWI conference too. :)

  4. I would go get some, but for several stupid reasons I can't, lol! But Oleg will get me some tonight on his way home.

    You and Valerie are more than welcome to crash here for BEA next year. Assuming I don't win the lotto and move back to PA by then.


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