Monday, August 2, 2010

Contest Monday

Agent Elana Roth and author Laura Toffler-Corrie are having a Fortune Cookie contest to celebrate the release of her MG novel THE LIFE AND OPINIONS OF AMY FINAWITZ! Write a fortune that a writer would want to get and win cool prizes like a 10 page critique from Laura's editor Nancy Mercado! Get the details here. Ends August 6th.

Carolina Valdez Miller is having a contest with some awesome ARCs, including Matched, Firelight, and Torment among others--they all look fabulous! Get the deets here -- contest ends Aug. 8th.

21 Pages is having a major giveaway where you can win an ARC of books such as Clockwork Angel, Delirium, and Linger among others, so enter now! Deadline is Aug. 20th.

Sara McClung is giving away seven awesome ARCs (Firelight, Paranormalcy, The Replacement to name a few) in her Summer Saradise 7 contest! Contest ends August 5th.

Having a contest? Let us know and we'll add it!


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