Monday, August 23, 2010

Contest Monday with Halloween and zombies

My favorite season is coming up along with my fave holiday (Halloween). Several contests this week involve creepy things, so feel free to add yours in the comments if we missed one.

Got a half-finished ms that you need to finish? Love the idea of NaNoWriMo but 50,000 is too many words or November is a bad month for you? Want to win TONS of awesome prizes? Then check out the Complete Your Draft 2010 contest! Write 25,000 words on your ms in the month of September and win prizes! Check out the link for all the info! Ends September 30th but sign up before September starts!

If you enjoy writing short stories (I don't, but I love reading them), then check out the short story contest by Matt Cunningham over at Literary Asylum. Deadline is Oct. 15th.

Know any good zombie jokes? Janice Hardy is giving away a copy of  her newest book, Blue Fire, from The Healing Wars trilogy to the commenter with the best zombie joke. "Two zombies walk into a bar..." Yeah, that's all I've got so far. Enter by Aug. 30th.

Also, in non-creepy contest news, Nicole Zoltack is celebrating reaching 100 Followers with a contest. The winner gets a 3-chapter critique! Enter by Sept. 15th.

Happy Monday!


  1. Ooh, sounds fun, thanks for the links Kristi! Checking them out now.

  2. Thanks for the mention! :) Now off to check out the other links.

  3. These all look wonderfully fun (and a little scary!). Hmmm, now which to choose? :)


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