Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sadness and Celebration

As much as I've tried to focus on writing-related things this week, my mind keeps turning toward Japan. Like you, I've seen the horrific videos, and reports of millions who've had no food...or water...or heat...for FIVE days, yet I still cannot even imagine what they're going through. Because I'm seeing it all from the comfort of my heated and fully stocked house, with my loved ones safely at my side. Take a minute to send some healing thoughts their way, and is you can spare even a few dollars, consider sending a donation too (if you've had food or water in the last five days, you can probably find five dollars somewhere.) I sent mine through Shelter Box, but there is also Doctors Without Borders (where I've also donated and is a fabulous organization), and the American Red Cross.

Yet, as is the way of life, there is also happy news to report. The lovely and gracious Carolina Valdez Miller is officially represented by Vickie Motter. To help her celebrate, a host of peeps are contributing some awesome giveaways (and Carolina and Vickie are giving away a first page critique!). Get all the details here, but at least stop by to congratulate Carolina on her success!

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