Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Boys in books are just better."

I saw this on one of those blinky avatar things this morning and it made me chuckle, but then I realized, it's actually true. In most cases. Not mine because my husband totally rocks. Seriously. But I remember my dating/high school years very clearly. Boy were better in books. No offense, guys.

As some of you know, I am a big vampire fan. Always have been long before the Cullen's took the stage. Blame Brad Pitt, because he was one sexy ass vampire, even to an eleven year old girl.
interview-vampire.jpg interview-with-a-vampire image by charlotteofraiz
Yum. I totally envied Kirsten Dunst in this movie.

What makes boys in books so awesome? Depends on what you like. I like danger but not a bad boy. I like them intelligent, chivalrous, and sentimental. Which is why I love vampires. You can have a totally desirable boy, with old world charm who also wants to eat you.

So lets list some of our (my) favorite fictional boys:

Louie - Interview With the Vampire. Obvious reasons.
Eric Northman - Southern Vampire Mysteries. Eric is a bad boy on the outside, but there is so much more to him the farther you read into the series. And, hello? He's a Viking!
Bill Compton- Southern Vampire Mysteries. Bill is a true Southern Gentleman. With fangs.
Sam Winchester-Supernatural. Sam is sweet, smart and strong. And, especially in the latest episodes, he's frigging gorgeous. (Yes, a fictional character can make an actor more attractive. Look at Hugh Laurie as House.) But Sam is also dangerous. If you've seen the show, you know what I mean. If you haven't, you should.
Balthazar- Evernight series. All the reasons I listed above.
Dimitri Belikov-Vampire Academy. His devotion to his duty, and to Rose make him a favorite. And being a big sexy Russian, who is also half vampire helps.

Hmm... 5 vampires and a boy who is addicted to drinking demon blood. Eeek! Thinking of a human...

Dean! - Gilmore Girls. Love Dean, and Dean is a normal boy. We like to see the boy chasing after the girl.
Will - The Luxe.
No real danger will Dean or Will, but they both have the sweet, love-struck boy thing going for them.

I'm going to stop now, because clearly I have a bigger thing for vampires than I thought. In short, I like danger and I like power. But I want it wrapped up in a good-looking package, and tied with a gentlemanly bow. When you finally meet the love interest in my work-in-progress, FATED, you will totally see that. I realize real boys can't compete with a thousand year-old vampire, or a boy who can exercise demons with his mind, but have no fear guys. Just be confident in your self, but humble enough to kiss her butt from time to time.

So who are some of your favorite fictional boys and why?


  1. We talked about this already but here are a few I picked from my bookshelf!

    James Morgan - Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater - I loved him in Lament and he shined even brighter to me in Ballad. He's just a genuine guy and I loved that.

    Daniel - The Dark Divine by Bree Despain - He is just so selfless. He always but himself in danger to help those needing help. I canNOT wait to read more about him!

    And one guy who hasn't been published yet:

    Zachary Moore - Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready - Zachary is the lean to guy for Aura and he has no expectations so he's never disappointed, just there to be there, and he's so supportive.

    Great topic! Can't wait to see what others have to say!

  2. Great list, Jess. You know I love James and Daniel!

  3. No contest for me although it's not YA and he's a man, rather than boy.

    Barrons from the Dreamfever series by Karen Marie Moning. If he existed in real life, I'd be in trouble!

  4. Most of mine aren't YA either. I'll have to check that out, Kristi!

  5. I think I have to add Dexter Morgan to my list. He might be a serial Killer with no real feelings, but I totally love him.

  6. Um, yes, Kristi you are completely correct!

    Barons would weaken me at the knees just like V'lane does to all the ladies. :)

  7. Ooh good call Kristi! I like Barrons too!

    I'm not all that into vampires, really. I do love Erik from True Blood but I've never read the books, so I can't say if I would love him then too.

    As for book boys, I totally have a crush on, I tend to like them snarky and potentially dangerous as well (which is why in my WIP I know I should love Ben, but I totally love Chase!)
    Here's my list:

    - Peeta from The Hunger Games

    - Jace from the Mortal Instruments Trilogy

    -Travis from The Forest of Hands and Teeth

    - Adrian Ivashkov from Vampire Academy - I think I'm the only Team Adrian in the whole Vampire Academy fandom

    - Devlin from Radiant Shadows (Wicked Lovely)- I'm reading this right now and the more I read the more I like him despite the fact that he is sort of strange and confused

    - I'm just going to come out and admit that I have always been Team Jacob - please don't throw anything too heavy at me!

    And since you mentioned Supernatural (which I have not seen the last two seasons of because stupid AT&T U-verse doesn't get the CW) I am Team Dean all the way.

  8. I love Peeta, but I'm team Gale.
    And I won't throw things at you for Jacob. I <3 Jake.

    I have Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange but I haven't read them yet. The list just keeps growing!

  9. Valerie, you are definitely not the only Adrian Ivashkov fan I am one too :)
    I would also add Sam (Shiver) and Mason (Vampire Academy) to the list. I know they aren't as great as the above listed, but I still like them

  10. Sam Windchester=YUM. Like YUM squared, actually.

    I like boys in books too--ones who walk to their own drum beat without caring about the outside world's sensibilities or prejudices. I think the best part of book-to-movie adaptations are seeing the book male heor made flesh. Viggo Mortenson as Aragorn, anyone?

  11. Loved this post. Very fun and entertaining. I split my loyalties between Bill and Erik.

  12. How could I forget about Aragorn!!!! Totally add him to my list.

  13. Yay! Go Sammy! Although Deam Winchester could also get my vote...

  14. Argh! Sorry, that should say Dean not Deam... His name is Dean

  15. Peeta, oh, Peeta. I love that boy.

  16. Because my writer friend, Rebecca, reminded me, I am adding Wyatt from BLEEDING VIOLET to my list.


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