Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My New Boyfriend

The excitement of the first draft of a brand new manuscript reminds me of the initial stage of a relationship. New story = new boyfriend. Think about it -- the book consumes your every waking moment, all you daydream about is the scene or conversation that happens next, and you neglect basic things like dishes and laundry just to be with your characters for a few more minutes (please don't tell me I'm the only one with heaps o' laundry in my closet). Don't get me wrong -- revisions and edits have their own unique brand of charm -- but it's not the same thing.

So I've been cooling my heels waiting to submit revision number bazillion of my book to my critique group and -- something happened. It was a soft whisper in my ear, beckoning me closer. And guess what? Yeah, I've got a new boyfriend. Technically, an ex-boyfriend since I started this ms before my current book, but this ex really wants me back. He's been very persistent and I'm back in that excited 'first draft' stage. I know I'll settle into the routine of revisions when I finish the draft but for now -- I'm just going to enjoy my new love. What about you guys? Any new boyfriends out there?


  1. No, you are not alone in the laundry department. Bleh.

    I've got two new fellas whispering sweet nothings in my ear. On the long ride back from NC, two opening lines popped into my head. One brought on by the skinny white trees along the highway, and another by a song on the radio, lol!

    But I haven't given in to them yet. I'm still too in love with Fated and I'm determined to mold that boyfriend in to husband material.

  2. I wish opening lines would pop into my head -- I just have the story idea pop up but have no idea how to start it. I totally struggle with beginnings.

  3. This is a fantabulous comparison! That is how it feels. And when you rewrite, you want to kill the boyfriend because now instead of bringing you roses, he flops down on your couch, grabs the remote and asks for a drink.

    Ha ha!

    And my laundry is all over the hall. Closet? Bah!

  4. Elana - that's hilarious and totally how rewrites feel for me! :)


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