Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Query Help

So I had to get up super early this morning to get some dental work done and I completely forgot that today is Wednesday and I'm supposed to post! My bad. It's been a rough few days and my brain is fried. So since I'm nearing query time, I thought I would provide you with links to a few great recent posts on querying I've bookmarked.

Check them out:
Writing a Query With Voice from

The Secret Strength of Killer Queries by Nathan Bransford

What are some of your favorite query advice links?


  1. I've found Elana Johnson's blog to be helpful. I tried her advice about writing the query from the character's POV and it worked wonders! Of course you have to change it back to third person present, but it gave it that personal spark it was lacking. At least, I hope it did.

  2. Some of the best query advice I received was from a friend in my critique group. She told me to head to Borders and read twenty-plus book jackets in my genre.

    I followed her advice and camped out on the YA section floor. Got a few stares but totally worth it! As I read, I noticed key traits to an intriguing synopsis. So helpful!

  3. That is good advice. I've studied some of my favorites for jackets and opening paragraphs.

    I'm currently reading THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson and it has a GREAT jacket description and opening paragraph.


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