Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 Signs That I'm Starting A New Book

Inspired by Kristi's post yesterday, here's some signs that I'm writing a new book:

1. I can't hear you. What's that? Were you saying something to me? So sorry, I was thinking about that plot twist, and what it's like for my character to experience this whole new world I'm building her, and how I'm going to manage to squeeze in a kissing scene.

2. Flip-flop. Chances are I'm somewhere in the middle of W I D E mood swings from OMG this is the crazy-coolest most awesome idea ever!!! to What was I thinking? HOW WILL I EVER MAKE THIS WORK???

3. Gone missing. You can't find me anywhere. Not on g-chat, or twitter. I'm slow to answer emails. Hopefully because I'm typing away on that story or more likely, because I'm avoiding my computer like the plague.

So there you have it. My dirty little secrets revealed! How about you? Are you better behaved than me when starting a new project?


  1. I'd love to say I was, but no. I stare into space during conversations (hello plot twist). And my friend's often send me texts saying, 'Are you okay? You're quiet.' lol.

  2. I'm with you on #1 and 2 with #1 my husbands asks, "What's for dinner?" and I shout "What if they never really knew each other at all?"

    #2 My life resembles that one scene from "Tangled" if you haven't watched it, you should.

    For me #3 is finding new music, nothing like a muse to keep you going!

  3. Valerie, without you on g-chat for me to poke and pester, I've gotten a lot of writing done this week. But don't stay away too long. Lol!

    Jen, tangled was awesome!

  4. LOL! Oh yes, we know all too well each of those signs! Most would think us insane but we writerly types understand. :)

  5. I don't usually actually 'start' a project - I get an idea, write a couple pages, then work on my current WIP. If I get serious, then I become utterly invisible to the world - but that doesn't usually happen until months after I wrote down the initial idea!

  6. Lol. I was so deep in thought on a project this weekend I don't think I heard a word my hubby said. He was so frustrated by the end of the weekend he asked me if there was any point in him talking at all. :( I'm making a concerted effort not to think when he's a good way.

  7. Number #2 is so my thing...until I get to the end of the first draft. Then I'm positive it sucks-lol. :)

  8. LOVE THIS!! It's so true. And I'm going through it right now. :D


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