Monday, April 4, 2011

Contest Monday

It is definitely Monday.

I couldn't find much in the way of contests to bring you today, mostly because I've been away from the Internet for a while, but here's a couple to check out while you sip your morning coffee/tea/coca cola/pick-your-poison.

Casey from Literary Rambles is giving away a copy of Kim Harrington's book CLARITY that was just released March 1st, along with a great author interview. Ends April 9th, midnight.

At Adventures in Children's Publishing, Martina and Marissa are hosting their weekly giveaway. This week with 13 awesome books!

The iClue contest starts today! 6 authors, 6 mysteries, 6 chances to win an ipod touch! Details here.

Also! Not a contest but a reminder, tonight, 8pm EST April 4th, WriteOnCon is hosting a live event with Roseanne Wells from the Marianne Strong Literary Agency! Don't miss it! Details about the event and Roseanne and what she's looking for here.

If you have any contests or giveaways to share please do!


  1. Hi Lacey,

    We always love your Monday contest posts. I'm not sure if you know that we do a giveaway every Monday (and sometimes Tuesday) of YA books coming out that week. We have 13 giveways today, plus more tomorrow. And most of the authors with books coming out have also been kind enough to provide interviews.

    Hope you and everyone will stop by!

  2. Ha! I did know that! I'm subscribed to your blog even. Slipped my mind. Thanks for the reminder!


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