Thursday, April 14, 2011

#YALitChat Mega Chat

Last year was the first (I think?) mega chat on #yalitchat, with an after party hosted at the Mundie Moms blog. Last night was the start of the second #yalitchat mega chat! Eight YA authors attended as official guests but a few more stopped by to join the conversation.

If you missed the chat last night, stop by tonight at 8:30pm EST using hashtag #yalitchat on twitter. I recommend using or tweet deck for these chats. It's the only possible way to keep up. If you stop by and you see me tweeting (@ljboldyrev), say hi! Anyone can join, anyone can chat, and regular #yalitchat happens every Wednesday evening at 9pm EST. Always chock-full of great info and awesome people.

I'm not a moderator or anything, I just <3 #yalitchat.


  1. I think I might have whiplash from watching the tweets fly! It was fun though. Hope I can stop by tonight.

  2. Oh, I know! It was crazy busy. The after party chat is a little less hectic, lol!

  3. I didn't make it last night but love #yalitchat. I'll try to stop by for the second one. :)


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